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Kozara National Park is located in the central part of Kozara Mountain. Kozara Mountain is located in the
northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a low, island mountain located between Pannonian Plain in the
north and Dinarides in the south, thus bounded by rivers Sava, Una, Vrbas and Sana.
In 1957, forests of Kozara Mountain were declared forests of historical importance in order to preserve the legacy of
World War II. Ten years later, Kozara National Park was proclaimed, on an area of 3375 ha, with the aim of protecting
cultural, historical and natural and other values, as well as to promote tourism and create favorable conditions for
rest and recreation. In 2012, the Park's territory was expanded and now it covers 3907.54 ha. The reasons for the
expansion are preserved forest complexes and the diversity of flora.
Although the height of its peaks does not exceed 1000 masl, Kozara Mountain with its height, expanse and beauty
dominates this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is known to the people as the „Krajina beauty“, due to its dense
complexes of deciduous and coniferous forests, clearings, clear streams and abundance of flora and fauna.
Kozara is characterized by the great dynamics of relief, which alternate between valleys and bays, plateaus, slopes,
ridges, sinkholes and isolated peaks. The streams created steep and deep valleys. Some parts of the watercourse are
very picturesque, narrowed in the form of canyons and gorges and leave a striking aestethic impression on the
Kozara National park is characterized by the richness and diversity of the flora. The Park has over 900 plant species
registered, including a significant number of rare, endangered and medicinal species. Dense forest complexes cover
88% of the National Park area. The most represented forests are tall beech forests and firs that are home to
numerous species such as deer, wild boar, feral cat, eagle, hawk, owl etc.
The Park is characterized by its dense and spacious forest complexes, which give this area a special value. In the
central part of the National Park you can find Zofik Special Forest Vegetation Reserve. There are many forest stands in
this area, numerous springs and the canyon of the stream of the same name. A special impression on the visitors is
the site of Gumline: a rock-viewpoint that offers an exceptional view of the forest covered with slopes, the cave and
river Starenica canyon, which is 80 m long and 70 m high, representing one of the most beautiful areas of the
National Park. What makes Kozara famous in the wider area is a memorial complex erected to commemorate Kozara
soldiers killed in World War II. The memorial complex, comprising the Monument, the Memorial Wall and the
Museum, was erected in 1972.
Marked hiking trails provide a gread opportunity to get to know the Kozara National Park area. Along the trails, there
are resting places, viewpoints, info boards and signposts. Particularly interesting is a hiking trail within which you can
find Via ferrata. In addition to the hiking trails, visitors also have two educational trails, trim trail, rock climbing area
and well-organized picnic area. In addition to hiking, the park can be visited by bicycles and ATVs, using existing forest
roads. For winter sports, two ski runs are available, as well as ski equipment and ski instructors.
A real treat for adventure and adrenaline lovers is Kozara Adventure Park. Crossing the suspension bridges, ladders
and cables, riding the cable with the help of the so-called zip line are just some of the challenges that Kozara
Adventure Park offers to those who want excitement, fun and adrenaline. The stay at Kozara is complemented by
numerous events that take place throughout the year.
Kozara National Park is connected to Prijedor (24 km), Banja Luka (56 km) and Kozarska Dubica (54 km) via the main
road. It is regionally connected to Gradiška (40 km), where an international border crossing with Croatia can be
found. It is located 76 km from Banja Luka airport 174 km from Zagreb airport.
Kozara National Park
Vuka Karadžića 43
79101 Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Telephone: +387 52 211 169
Fax: + 387 52 232 640
Number of visitors: 130 000
Park surface: 3907,54 ha
Year of establishment: 1967.