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Mali i Tomorrit

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Mount Tomorr is a large mountain in southern Albania. Its highest peak, called Çuka e Partizanit, reaches a height of 2,416 m and reaches upward to a height of 1,200m. It is located east of the towns of Berat and Poliçan and the river Osum not far from the Canyon of Osum river.

Tomorr is of great importance to the local people where a Bektashi religious temple can be found, and offering them many facilities such as skiing. For its importance and beauty the Albanian Government declared Tomorr a National Park. Tomorr Mountain National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombëtar i Malit të Tomorrit) covers an area of 4,000 hectares. Many endangered species are free to roam and live there.

Just east of Berat lies this scenic mountainous gem. Resembling a natural castle framed by lofty peaks, it is snow-covered in the winter, and holds tremendous religious significance for the Abaz Aliu tribe which lives nearby. The Bektashi tribe also calls this area home, and organizes a large religious festival every August.

Albanian folklore tells how Tomorr came to be. The people believed that Tomorr was a giant that wanted to fight another giant named Shpirag for a young woman. The two giants killed each other and when hearing the young woman cried and drowned in her own tears thus creating the river of Osum.


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