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The area of Kamena gora belongs to the part of Dinaric Mountains of Stari Vlah in the far southwest of Serbia, on the territory of Prijepolje municipality, 20 km from Prijepolje. It is on the border with Montenegro and municipalities of Pljevlja and Bijelo Polje. The protected area has 7,762.33 ha.

The area of exceptional nature values was adopted by Decree on the Designation of the Special Nature Reserve by Government of Republic of Serbia in 2014 and it was placed in the second category, of regional significance. The name of Kamena Gora is compound based on landscape where place is located, and that is the forest on a rocky mountain, or forest on a stone.

The terrain is under protection in order to preserve the geomorphological, hydrogeological and biological values of mountainous area that is authentic in deep cliffs and mosaic arrangement of forest, meadow and peat communities that make this area unique in this part of Serbia.

In floristic terms, it is distinguished by numerous relict communities and refugial habitats on limestone cliffs, rocks, and rocky fields. Thanks to the specific geological base and climate, in Kamena Gora was found a number of rare and endangered plant species. Special value and at the same time the most vulnerable and most endangered type of habitat are wet meadows and shivers around the villages of Kamena Gora, Sajnov kraj, Gluščevići and Guvnište. The forest vegetation of Kamena Gora region has many forests, as sessile oak (Qurcetum montanum), mountain beech (Fagetum moesiace montanum), fir and beech (Piceo - Fago - Abietetum), European spruce (Picetum excelsae serbicum), spruce and fir (Piceo / Abietetum) which dominate over mountain massif.

The animal world is also characterized by enviable diversity - with over 40 species of mammals, over 100 species of birds, 15 species of amphibians and reptiles, and a very interesting and still rudimentary study of troglobites fauna.

Kamena Gora is a mountainous area divided into deep cliffs and gorge valleys with larger and smaller watercourses. The river Gračanica, with its divine valley, represents a geomorphological and hydrological natural phenomenon. Its waters are the first class quality, which today represents a real rarity and preciousness. On the karst area of Kamena Gora there are caves and caverns - from 100 to 150.

Symbol of Kamena Gora is attractive black pine tree many centuries old. Black pine is symbol and shrine of mountain forest and the testimony of longevity in the village of the centenarians. Ancient pine, people, out of respect, called the Holy Pine.



Kamena Gora is a place of commercial tourism and represents an oasis for active holidays. Between two world wars, in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Kamena Gora was officially designated as aerial spa, and retained its features to this day. Nature is unpolluted; air is clean, and climate is pleasant.

Kamena Gora is mostly visited by mountaineers, bikers, and paragliders.

An important feature of rural tourism Kamena Gora is that its attractiveness can be classified into three large groups:

  • Immediate vicinity of nature represents a great attractive force of rural, natural, cycling or ecological tourism.
  • Preserved traditions. The villages, partly because of their backwardness and archaistic, preserved a large part of characteristic material and spiritual culture.
  • Household spirit. Rural hospitality and family atmosphere are of particular importance. In this area, rural tourism surpasses any other tourist offer.

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