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The area of exceptional qualities Lepterija-Sokograd is located in south-eastern Serbia in Sokobanja municipality, only a few kilometres from the city itself and the Sokobanja spa.

By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2002, the area of 345.33 ha around the Moravica gorge was placed under protection as area of exceptional qualities Lepterija – Sokograd.

The area Lepterija – Sokograd is a landscape of extraordinary diversity with attractive geomorphologic forms and phenomena, rich and varied flora and fauna and cultural and historical values (medieval fortress Sokograd, a cultural good of great significance).

Moravica river gorge is cut at the foot of mountain Devica, about 3 km length and about 140 meters depth. The left side of the valley gradually moves into Devica slopes and reaches a height of about 1,200 meters. The gorge has a twisted meander supply with the frequent appearance of imposing rocky sections. The Moravica river basin in the gorge is predominantly rocky and shoreline, with smaller waterfalls and rapids separated by resources.

Remains of the medieval town of Sokograd.


The area of exceptional qualities Lepterija - Sokograd is located near the spa and tourist complex. In the area of Lepterija there is a large number of paths leading through the landscapes of attractive Moravica gorge, to the remnants of the medieval city of Sokograd, through interesting sight points on the Devica slopes. In addition to the cultural and historical assets in this area and the landscape features of the river Moravica in cliff, of great area importance are forests, clean water, and rich and diverse flora and fauna.

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