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SNR “Bagremara“ is located in the Municipality of Bačka Palanka. The total surface is 117,58 ha, and the area belonging to the protected natural resource covers 271,16 ha.


The Special Nature Reserve „Bagremara” has been put under protection by the Decree of the Government of Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 12/07), as the protected natural resource of the 1st category of protection, having the exceptional importance for the Republic of Serbia.


Almost 100% of the area is covered with forest and "Bagremara" today represents the culture of acacia with very little black walnut and common oak. In it are preserved typical and specific values of the original indigenous lowland mixed oak forest with the only finding of the plant species hellebore in Serbia. In addition to rich flora in this area has been preserved a greater number of species of native fauna typical of lowland oak forests, particularly ornithofauna and entomofauna, with the presence of rare species of insects.
In the area of the SNR "Bagremara" the two-stage protection regime is established. Under the regime of the first degree, which covers an area of 34.8 hectares, the use of natural resources and the implementation of activities is prohibited, except for scientific research works and controlled education. In the regime of the second degree of protection, of the surface 82.78 ha, there are limitations in the use of natural resources as defined by the Decree on the protection. On the whole area of the Reserve is ensured: the preservation of the forest ecosystem for survival of hellebore, measures to maintain the stability and the health status of the stand, revitalization of natural indigenous forest stands, conservation and improvement of the status of populations of endangered species of flora and fauna, the establishment of monitoring, linking micro-locations of hellebore in a single network, combating invasive species of woody plants and other.


SNR “Bagremara“ is the only habitat of plant species of hellebore (Eranthis hiemalis (L.) Salisb) in the territory of our country. This perennial early spring geophytes of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) is a natural rarity and falls into the category of extremely endangered species of plants in Serbia.


SNR “Bagremara” offers many different scientific and recreational contents:
Educational trail with a length of 2000m, with set signposts for the direction of movement and along the track, mobiliard and information boards with photographs and text about the protected resources.
Eco canopies for receiving a small number of visitors in the function of presentation of natural values of the protected natural resources. It is located in the area of the protective zone of the SNR "Bagremara" in the conifer forest, opposite the restaurant and tennis courts of Sintelon. It is suitable for the reception of about 20 people. From there the sightseeing of the Reserve would be continued, down the consolidated educational trail along which are placed information boards, benches, tables, all in the presence of guides (guardian) of the PNR.
Time of the visits needs to be in line with the Conditions of the Institute for Nature Conservation (period of the year, the number of visitors, behavior, etc.), with the aim of preserving the population of hellebores.


SNR “Bagremara” is situated on the territory of the Municipality of Bačka Palanka, and is only 4 km away from the city. From Novi Sad it is 45 km away, and from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, 130 km.

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