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Jelašnička klisura

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Special nature reserve Jelašnička gorge is located in south-eastern Serbia in Niš municipality area of. Jelašnička gorge is cut downstream from Čukljenik village, 1.5 km length.

Area of Jelašnica gorge, as a habitat of relict and endemic species, is of great importance in the study of living world history in Balkan Peninsula.

The most significant endemorelic species are Serbian and Natalia ramondas (Ramonda serbica and Ramonda nathaliae), as well as 39 moesian, 20 Balkans and six Illyrian endemics and subendemics and preserving special natural value that makes the gorge of Jelašnička river rich and diverse morphological ornamentation.

Part of Jelašnička gorge area of 115.73 ha was placed under protection in 1995 by the Decree of Government of Serbia for the conservation of the habitat and natural rarities of endemorelic species of Serbian and Natalia Ramonda (Ramonda serbica and Ramonda nathaliae).

Jelašnička gorge is the first climbing centre in Serbia dedicated only to sports climbing. From the first routes that were made in 1994/95 to the present, are all equipped for sport climbing. In the gorge, there are 58 directions, weights from V + to IX / IX + and height of 6.5 to 70m. The rock is a sharp dolomite limestone. The most interesting are the Big Wall and Potkapina.

The gorge has several beautiful places for camping and picnic. One of them Potkapine is located at the exit from gorge and is equipped with benches for excursionists. Along the way of this place, there is a path for climbing, and for the lovers of extreme climbing mountaineering club from Niš offers a great experience of climbing on a natural rock.

Along the narrow path that is going through Jelašnička gorge you can get to nearby picnic site Bojanina Voda.