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Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marshes

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Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marches represents a complex of marshy swamp and forest ecosystems, which is spread over 5,895 hectares, with numerous living communities, functionally linked in an integral whole. It is situated on the left and the right bank of the Danube, in the floodplains of the middle course, in the southeastern part of Bačka and the northeastern part of Srem.


Due to its outstanding natural values Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marches was declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) in 1989, in 2004 it was included in the list of protected areas dependent on water and significant for the Danube basin (ICPDR) and it is on the list of potential wet areas of the Ramsar Convention.


The core values of this area are preservation and variety of original topographic and hydrographic forms of marshes (islands, backwaters, ponds, swamps), preservation and exuberance of native plant communities of the marches (forest, meadows, reeds, bulrushes) and the diversity and abundance of fauna, especially the presence of rare and of declining species.
Natural values are highly rated because of the existence of 206 species of birds, 26 species of fish, as well as of mammals which are rare for this area: water and marsh shrew, otter, wild cat, marten.


Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marches is a residue of the former vast and almost impassable stretches of marsh wetlands and riparian biotopes and is one of the most important floodplains in Serbia, which has the function of natural fish spawning place.


„Kovilj – Petrovaradin Marches“ offers outstanding touristic choices and the development of tourism in the area:
• Education pathway in the Kurjačka greda locality (length of 1000 meters, for smaller groups of visitors).
• The Šlajz locality is one of the most visited and most attractive localities in the whole reserve. It is located in the closest vicinity of Kovilj settlement and represents the favorite destination of nature lovers, fishermen and walkers. At this site, one can rent a boat for fishing, sightseeing, ride and sightseeing of natural beauties of the Reserve with the short story about the characteristics of the protected area.
• Locality Tikvara is located along the levee, close to the local road and next to the monastery of Kovilj. The ecological-educational centre is situated in the locality, consisting of the equipped open-door classroom and the bird watchtower, with the view towards the surrounding forests and swamps.
• Particular importance and attraction of this protected area is the Kovilj monastery, which dates back from the 13th century.


Taking into consideration the small distance from Novi Sad (20km) and Belgrade (60km) and immediate vicinity of the highway E75, Special Nature reserve „Kovilj– Petrovaradin Marches“ is well connected in terms of traffic and it is easily accessible for visitors.

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