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The strict nature reserve "Prašuma Lom" is located in the massif of the mountain Klekovača, on the ridge of the mountain Lom mountain, on the territory of the municipalities of Petrovac and Istočni Drvar. It occupies an area of ​​297.80 hectares. It has a separate core-strict wildlife reserve, the size of 55.80 hectares (category Ia according to the IUCN classification).



The first ideas about the protection of wilderness on the Klekovača mountain date back to 1905. At the time of the proclamation of the protection of the Lom Rainforest Reserve, an experimental station of the Institute of Forestry and Wood Industry from Sarajevo was operating in Drinić. The Lom Rainforest Reserve was established in 1956, and the decision to protect the strict Lom Rainforest Nature Reserve was made by the Government of Republic of Srpska at its session on April 18, 2013.



The geological substrate of the Lom rainforest is limestone. The relief is very developed, and in some places very karstified. Many karst phenomena are present. Although the limestones are permeable rocks with underground hydrology, there are still two small springs in the area of ​​the reserve, Đulin bunar and Lomska voda. There are also several caves, some of them with eternal snow.

The vegetation of the Lom rainforest mainly consists of the typical forest of these Dinaric mountains, beech communities, fir with spruce (Piceo-Abieti-Fagetum iliricum). It is located in the range of 1250-1420 meters above sea level, on the northern and northwestern exposures. The geobotanical position of the rainforest is on the border of the Illyrian province, so that the area of ​​some Illyrian species ends there. There are 74 species of fungi, 37 species of lichens, 96 species of mosses and 256 species of vascular plants in the Lom rainforest.

Natural conditions affect all species of mammals and birds. The most important species are: permanently protected species - ermine, squirrel, lynx, occasionally black grouse, hazel, hawk, falcon.

Hunting protected species - brown bear, roe deer, rabbit, and unprotected are: down, wolf, fox, marten and wild boar (occasionally).



It is attractive for tourists, but it is primarily intended for scientific research.

In the strict nature reserve "Rainforest Lom" there was fir tree with the largest diameter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is 1.75 m. In the winter of 2019, this tree fell.

The largest firs in the country, 55 meters high, were also recorded.




It is possible to reach the strict nature reserve "Rainforest Lom" from the direction of Drinić on a macadam road ten kilometers long from the restaurant Veliko Vrelo.




Forest management "Oštrelj-Drinić" phone: 050-465-012

Email address: ostreljdrinic@sumers.org   ­