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Once a famous ornithological reserve and today a special nature reserve, this vast swamp-forest complex is located along the river Sava in southern Srem, Vojvodina, Serbia. In the area of the reserve three-level protection regime is established on a total area of 9820 hectares.


Obedska swamp – myth and legend, is known around the world since the mid-nineteenth century, since when the stories of it as of "paradise" for birds have been spreading. It was proclaimed protected area in 1994, however the first data about its protection is since 1874. Thus, it is the oldest protected area in the country, and also one of the oldest natural resources in the world. "Golden Age" of Obedska swamp lasted throughout the 19th and early decades of the 20th century. Due to its extraordinary natural values, Obedska swamp is on the list of wetlands of the Ramsar Convention from 1977, as the first in our country, and it was declared in 1989 an internationally important bird area (IBA) as well. It is under the administration of the Public Enterprise "Vojvodinašume".


The greatest value of the area is the authentic combination of stagnant tributaries, ponds, pits, marsh vegetation, wet meadows and forests with a very rich diversity of ecosystems and species, especially endangered ones. Obedska swamp is one of the few still preserved flooded marsh areas with specifics such as century-old mixed oak forests, colonies of wading birds and numerous natural rarities. Bara (marsh) is the rest of the meander of the old riverbed of the river Sava, whose main stream now flows more south. Its riverbed, on the edge of which are the villages Obrež and Kupinovo, is called “Potkovica/Horseshoe”, due to its shape. The higher, mainland part, intersected with water depressions and habitats of old oak forests called "Kupinske grede/beams". Obedska swamp is known for a variety of wetland and forest habitats, many species of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and for the extraordinary wealth of flora, ichthyofauna and especially ornithofauna.


In “Potkovica/Horseshoe” of marsh there are “water mirrors” and “island of birds”, whose aim is to improve the supplemental feeding of waterfowl and their retention in the region. In the immediate vicinity are the cultural and historical monuments: Fortress "Kupinik" Church Mother Angelina and St. Luke's Church. Key species are: white-tailed eagle, black stork, white heron, beaver, etc. Out of numerous plant species there are rare species: white and yellow water lilies, sweet flag, small saws, wading irises and other species.


SNR “Obedska swamp” offers a multitude of different scientific and recreational contents:
There is a circular educational path length of 7 km, then track along the "Obedska swamp” length of about 5 km, several monitoring observation posts (4), bird island, water mirrors (4) placed signposts and information boards, awnings, boats for sightseeing, sports and recreational fishing. At the entrance of the Reserve two guides for the reception of visitors are present.
Circular educational path (CEP) length of about 7 km, with 3 canopies, tables and benches, is located in the center of the reserve. Watching of marsh habitats with water birds, old forest stands, especially of oak, rare and medicinal plants is available.
Another educational path, positioned on the edge of the march, starts from the "Tower of Obed", over the bridge and passes by monitoring watchtower "Matijevic" from which heron colonies can be watched, and all the way to the other monitoring watchtower "Spomenik". The trail passes in its entire length through the forest of old oak trees and white poplars and serves for walking and observing Bara with a variety of wildlife, especially birds.


SNR “Obedska swamp” is well connected and easily accessible. It is situated 30 km away from Šimanovci highway Belgrade – Zagreb. From the capital of Serbia, Belgrade distance is 60 km.

Public Enterprise „VOJVODINAŠUME“
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