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Special Nature Reserve „Upper Danube“ is a protected natural resource of the first category, which extends along the left bank of the river Danube, from 1,367th to 1,433th kilometer of its flow. It is part of the large marsh complex, which extends through the neighboring countries of Hungary and Croatia and seen as a whole, it represents one of the last great flood-prone areas in the territory of the European continent. It consists of two big marshes, Monostor and Apatin, which together account for 19 605 ha of forests, meadows, ponds and wetlands, including the river Danube and its meanders.


In July 2001, by means of the Decree of the Government of Serbia which has recognized this area as an area of outstanding importance, the Special Nature reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” was proclaimed, which is under the management of public enterprise “Vojvodina šume”.


The Reserve is one of the last refuges for wildlife related to floodplains. In the Reserve is present 51 species of mammals, 248 species of birds, 50 species of fish, 11 species of amphibians, 9 species of reptiles, numerous invertebrates, of which stands out the butterflies fauna with over 60 species of butterflies, more than 1,000 of plant species ...
The richness of ornithofauna is characteristic where rare species such as the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) and black stork (Ciconia nigra) stand out. Gornje Podunavlje is inhabited by the largest population of deer (Cervus elaphus) in Serbia, one of the last of its kind in an authentic marsh environment. Also, in the area of the Reserve are preserved some of the best hatcheries on the 2857 km long Danube River: Stari (old) dunavac, Petreš, Srebrenica and Staklara. The thick, almost impenetrable swamp forests of native poplars and willows are now almost of the relic character. Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis), Water Violet (Hottonia palustris) and mare’s tale (Hippuris vulgaris) are some of the most endangered species which found their refuge in the region.


In addition to biodiversity Gornje Podunavlje is adorned also by the authentic cultural heritage. As a result of adapting to the great river and its vagaries typical native customs, costumes, language, fishing tools, boats and dishes were created that attract visitors and make Gornje Podunavlje an attractive destination for visitors. Some settlements, like legendary Bodrog, found themselves in the way of the mighty river and disappeared forever in its whirls. Others, however, still cherish the original folklore and color of the Danube region, such as Bački Breg, Bezdan, Bački Monoštor or Sonta. Modern understanding of nature protection, which is based on the principles of sustainability, assumes an active role of people, especially the local population, which is the backbone of the protection and development of natural resources. Because it refers to the ongoing and active process which involves turning to breeding, protection, tourism, education.


Gornje podunavlje is one of the few destinations where you can still enjoy the ride on the Danube, along the vast backwaters and canals, with the unfettered roar of deer, peaceful nights in rural households, authentic fish specialties, the last Danube fishermen. With its natural characteristics, aesthetic values, opportunities for hunting, fishing and other sports and recreational activities on the water, it also has a possibility of residence and sports-recreational tourism, trip and excursion tourism, event tourism, rural tourism and other forms of tourism. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the landscape, make contact with the animal world, seek spiritual refreshment, peace and quiet. Colorful landscapes of various riparian forests, aquatic and wetland ecosystems, provide opportunities for eco-tourism, especially bird watching and wildlife watching, as well as protected plant species. All visits should be announced by a written request to the e-mail address.


Since it is situated along the Danube, near two city centers of Vojvodina, Sombor and Apatin, the Special Nature Reserve "Gornje Podunavlje/Upper Danube" is well-connected and easily accessible.

Public enterprise „VOJVODINAŠUME“
Preradovićeva 2, 21131 Petrovaradin, Serbia
Phone: +381 62 8005 350
Email: srpgp.sgsombor@gmail.com 
Web: http://www.vojvodinasume.rs/ponuda/srp-gornje-podunavlje/