„Protected areas of the Dinaric Arc for nature and people“ (PA4NP)

Project: „Protected areas of the Dinaric Arc for nature and people“ (PA4NP)


The World Wide Fund for Nature WWF Adria in collaboration with the Parks Dinarides - network of protected areas of Dinarides implements a four-year project "Protected areas for nature and people." The project is a continuation of initiative of WWF "Dinaric Arc Parks", through which the network "Parks Dinarides" was established.

The project aims to improve the quality of life of people living or gravitate to the territory of protected areas, through the promotion of sustainable use of natural resources, the implementation of joint initiatives with the local population and improvement of the policies of protection and valorization of natural resources. Through this program the implementation of the agreement "a big victory for Dinaric Arc" (Big Win for Dinaric Arc) is also encouraged, in which the ministers of the six countries committed to strengthen regional cooperation in order to achieve the common and  national five-year goals for improving environmental protection.

Activities are implemented in cooperation with the protected areas of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo *, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia. In the NP Biogradska gora from Montenegro and the NP Tara from Serbia the project "Bears Watching" is being implemented. In Bosnia and Herzegovina Una National Park will show how parks can become a generator for the development of environmentally responsible practices, by providing support for green business ideas, opening of eco-market and marketing of local products, while NP Sutjeska works to promote tourism as an alternative to unsustainable patterns of development. The protected Landscape Germi in Kosovo will serve as an example to similar areas in urban areas for promotion of nature conservation through the implementation of various programs for informing, educating and mobilizing citizens. Furthermore, Serbia is strengthening cooperation with the local communities through the establishment of local councils of interest groups, and national parks Fruska Gora, Djerdap and Tara, Special Nature Reserve Gornje Podunavlje and the area of ​​outstanding features Avala through the project will become an educational center for schools and visitors. Similar activities will be carried out and in Albania as well.